Synopsis: The new war & wuxia martial arts action movie "The Bloody Blade of King Lanling 蘭陵王之泣血刀鋒" is about the legendary story of the Langling King, Gao Changgong, who led the army of North Qi Kingdom and defeated the army of North Zhou Kingdom. After the war, King Lanling met a girl, Mulan and returned the palace. Otherwise, the Grand Master He Shikai used magic arts to hoodwink the emperor and tried to seize the throne. At last, the King Lanling successfully uncovered the plot and saved the country.

故事简介: 最新电影《兰陵王之泣血刀锋 The Bloody Blade of King Lanling》影片讲述了骁勇善战的兰陵王高长恭(叶项明饰)打败了入侵北齐的北周大军,回朝时邂逅了民间女子木兰(焦娜饰),并在几次事件后与其渐生情愫。回朝后其生死兄弟,副将刘桃枝(孟飞饰)被国师和士开(李子雄饰)引诱叛变,先后共同害死了其身边的大将斛律光(梁家仁饰)和大王爷高孝瑜,兰陵王自身也被陷害入狱。最终兰陵王运用智慧和武力化解了危机,拯救了国家。

出品 Studio: 纳莱影视 Na Lai Pictures.
制片人 Produced by: 冯良浩 Feng Lianghao
导演 Directed by: 刘学见 Liu Xuejian.
编剧 Screenplay by: 郭宏翔 Guo Hongxiang.
主演 Starring: 叶项明 Ye Xiangming, 焦娜 Jiao Na, 梁家仁 Ka-Yan Leung, 李子雄 Li Zixiong, 孟飞 Meng Fei.
题材 Genres: 古装 Ancient Costume, 武侠 Wuxia Martial Arts, 动作 Action.

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