◾ 台南最強母女三人組
◾ 幽默又強悍的她們,最重視的就是家人

安妮從13歲開始,就做過檳榔西施和 #鋼管女郎,為了賺錢養家,她卯足全力。 



◾ 今天的來賓到底是誰,居然一直被狂吃豆腐?

Growing up in a working-class community without a father, Annie and Baobab know all about tough times. Their mom worked tirelessly in a factory to keep the family afloat for years. Then, at thirteen years of age, Annie began working part-time to earn some much-needed cash, while her sister joined the army on graduation to ensure a stable income. But adversity has forged an unbreakable familial bond, and today, for both Annie, now a pole dancer and show host, and her young sister, a muscle-bound fitness trainer, the family still comes first. In this episode, we discover how working on stage isn't all glitz and glam; where the siblings' red lines for living together lie; and that a bitter childhood also holds sweet memories.


🏠公視 誰來晚餐 【館長妹 鋼管姐  星夢媽】
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▪ 你還沒認識的家庭故事,你還沒認識的台灣

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