◾ 每天,他會抱著30公斤的女兒爬4層樓,只為讓孩子多睡幾分鐘。
◾ 家有罕病兒,親子,手足間是怎麼相處呢?

7歲的小語是三姊妹的老么,罹患罕見疾病 #雷特氏症,心智年齡停留在一兩歲,行動遲緩。爸媽和姐姐們悉心照顧,把小語當成公主般寵愛。




Despite a failed business, a daughter suffering from a debilitating genetic disorder, and a father diagnosed with cancer, Jason, Joan, and their three daughters haven't allowed the fickle finger of fate to bring them down, instead weaving the highs and lows of life into a beautiful symphony brimming with love. In this episode, we discover why business failure helped Jason rediscover the joys of family life; how Joan's musical dream forged a deep mother-daughter bond; and that a sick daughter has taught the family how to enjoy every moment of life.


🏠公視誰來晚餐 【重新學習當爸爸】
▪ 8/20(五)21:00|公視
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▪ 你還沒認識的家庭故事,你還沒認識的台灣

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