As music producers and filmmakers, BaoBao and her Australian husband Tim are used to touring the world; however, since Covid-19 struck in 2020, they have been marooned in Taiwan. Despite having their globe-trotting lifestyle halted, BaoBao and Tim haven't allowed life in lockdown to go flat and instead embraced their days with creativity and joie de vivre. In this episode, we discover how Tim transformed trash into a dream kitchen; what novel air-con system he carries in his bag of tricks; and how, ironically, through the pandemic, they've gone from traveling in their suitcase to building a home.

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公視誰來晚餐 【我和澳洲老公的山居歲月】

▪ 8/27(五)21:00|公視
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▪ 你還沒認識的家庭故事,你還沒認識的台灣

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