▮ 一個家庭,三種愛情❤🐸❤🐸❤🐸❤







Just over a year ago, Popo, a licensed veterinarian, quit his job to transform his passion
for frogs into a business startup, sinking NT$5 million into the venture. However, Covid-
19 hit not long after, and Popo has been struggling to keep his head above water ever
since. Thankfully, his understanding Malaysian fiancée Joan has supported him during
the roughest moments, but lack of cash flow left Popo at a low ebb, and he postponed
their marriage, leaving Joan deeply disappointed. In this episode, we follow Popo as he
grapples with the challenge of navigating stormy waters to business success while trying
to maintain a healthy relationship with Joan. Popo has got the marriage ball rolling again
despite Joan’s hesitancy, but will it lead to nuptial bliss? He wants to turn his passion for
frogs into a livelihood, but how long can he survive in the Covid storm? Will business take
an upturn and frogs become his proverbial cash cow, or turn into a bottomless money
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