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A mischievous elephant has been spotted enjoying a table for one.

Simone Ruf spotted the hilarious scenes as the large male sat on an outdoor table at a Zambian safari camp.

Seemingly unhappy with the service, the large pachyderm stood up and snapped one of the table umbrella spokes before it left.

Simone, from Switzerland, witnessed the event in September where she works at the Flatdogs Camp in the South Luangwa National Park.

She explains: "First the elephant bull moved the umbrella around, then he decided to sit on the table. It looked like he wanted to use the table as a seat."

"As he had already moved the umbrella around before, I think he was mostly just being naughty. After that, he walked away."

"No-one else saw it, I was by myself. I couldnt believe what I was seeing."

"It was quite funny to watch."

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