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An inquisitive elephant checked out a womans camera and phone with its trunk.

Kim Mcleod was on a game drive at Thula Thula Exclusive Private Game Reserve, South Africa, on November 28 when the vehicle was surrounded by a herd.

Cute footage  that has been viewed more than 228,000 times  shows one of the elephants reach out to one of Kims photography students and sniff the camera in her lap.

After passing on the camera, the gentle giant then stuck its huge nose in the students phone as she filmed the remarkable close encounter.

Kim said: I have had many close encounters with these elephants as I have been working here since 2015. It is always a breathtaking experience for me and as mentioned, very peaceful.

For those moments that they are close, the rest of the world does not exist and it is the most  amazing feeling in the world, always leaving you feeling energised and excited.

I am the in-house photographer at the reserve and I give photography courses. In total we spent nearly an hour with the elephants.

There were 28 in this herd and we watched them all from a distance coming towards us until they passed us.

One of them decided to give us an inspection. It was all very peaceful and harmonious, we know all the elephants by name and we are aware of their behaviour.

The guides will always keep us at a safe distance but very often the elephants approach us and are curious.

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