一場「賞識」演講,讓爸爸掙雄決定收起棍子,改變教養方式 。對個性衝動、凡事好奇的老二,採用引導的方式溝通...

 ► 性格截然不同的兩兄弟,又是怎麼看待爸媽呢?
 ► 適婚年齡的允中說自己不想結婚,理由是「會被管東管西」,這是否受到家庭影響?

📍 多年以後 定位家的座標|12/15 週五晚上9點 首播
📍 Slaying a Dinosaur Changed Our Family Forever

If your child's behavior didn't meet your expectations, would you correct them or try to appreciate their qualities? Tsai Cheng-hsiung once ruled the roost with an iron-fisted approach to parenting; however, a fateful incident with a toy dinosaur and a serendipitous introduction to "appreciation parenting" changed him and his family forever, leading to contrasting paths for his sons, Sung-ting and Yun-chung; one a bold-as-brass graffiti artist who is financially independent, the other a reserved factory worker who gives his salary to his mom and takes a monthly allowance. In this episode, we meet Cheng-hsiung, his wife Feng-hung, and the brothers as they strive for family harmony by embracing differences. What tests has Cheng-hsiung faced on his journey of hands-off-style appreciation parenting? Why does the family find unity in the culinary realm? What role has faith played in the family’s trajectory? Let’s find out!

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