台東有間八坪的木造 #迷你屋,裡面住著一家五口。生活就像露營,洗澡上廁所,都要戴頭燈走到屋外,常常會遇到蟾蜍、蝸牛、蛞蝓 。天氣好時,窗外就能看到綠島。




📍【舊木小屋的不完美生活練習】|12/22 週五晚上9點 首播
📍  Life’s Lessons in Our Tiny Wooden House

Does a home have to be big? How big is big enough for a family? Ipong and Xiao-chu live beside the ocean with their three kids in a 26 sqm self-built tiny house made from recycled materials. The couple's passion for old wood and living in an eco-friendly way brought them together, shaping both their lives and livelihood. However, living one's dream doesn't mean life is a bed of roses. In this episode, we meet the family as they navigate the delicate dance between dreams and reality. What's the little something missing from their idyllic life? How come possession doesn't necessarily mean abundance? Why is a balance between cherishing old things and hoarding so difficult to strike?  Let's find out!

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