-三人為何會在嘉義交集 ? 這裡有個關心在台越南人活動的組織。

📍【台灣越南都有家】|1/19 週五晚上9點 首播
📍 Homeland Harmony: Embracing Taiwan and Vietnam

In the face of Taiwan's labor shortage, foreign migrant workers have streamed into Taiwan since the nineties and now exceed 700,000. For some, sacrificing comfort and precious family time is a price worth paying to build a better future. Whether driven by financial aspirations or romantic pursuits, each treads a unique path, hoping to make their dream a reality. In this episode, we visit the Vietnam Culture Hut in Chiayi, not only a home away from home that provides warmth and camaraderie for Vietnamese migrant workers and new immigrants but also a place for Taiwanese locals to forge connections and, sometimes, find love. What challenges do these big dreamers face? How is technology helping to bridge gaps? Do the pros always outweigh the cons? Let’s find out!

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