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A grandmother's creative birthday gift for her grandson, Denver, has captured hearts online. 

In this heartwarming video filmed on June 3, the thoughtful grandmother creates the illusion that the birthday balloons she released in California travelled all the way to Texas more than 1,000 miles away for her grandson's birthday.

Denver, described as a "sweet boy", turned 4yrs old on June 3. He lives in San Antonio, while his grandma, Julia Long, lives in Moreno Valley, California.

Julia is scared to fly on planes, so she devised a creative way to show her grandson some love on his birthday by sending him birthday balloons.

In the video, Julia sings him a happy birthday via a mobile phone video call while releasing the balloons.

To make all this possible and seem real to Denver, Kalah, Denver's aunty, a kindergarten teacher, had to find a store in Texas. She then purchased the same balloons her mother had, and wrote on one with a black marker: "Denver Happy Birthday. I love you G-son", as Julia did, to make the balloons look the same.

"This is precious  theres nothing grandparents wouldnt do to make their babies happy," one online commenter said. 

"Teared up, you can hear the love in [grandma's] voice," wrote another.

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