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A dad based in Omaha, Nebraska, built a handy tool that gives him the edge over parents when taking their kids sledging.

Tony Frederick and his wife Bobbi Jo wished that they didn't have to walk back up a snowy hill after riding down.

he started coming up with ideas while sitting in his man cave (the garage). A little while later he asked me to come here. I went to the garage. He showed me what he had made. It was awesome," Bobbi Jo said.

Using bits and bobs found around the house Tony had created a tool that enables him to reel in his kids from the bottom of hills.

Bobbi Jo continued: "I just thought that was the coolest thing he has ever made. We just couldnt wait to try it out. So we drove up the street where we typically go sledging at St. Robert Bellarmine School in Omaha Nebraska. 

"When we arrived, there were so many children and parents sledging already. And of course, we wanted to do a trial run with our daughter to see how it would work because she was light. She slid down. She hollered up and said she was ready to come back up. And with the touch of a button, she was reeled back up like we were fishing. 

"She had a blast! Everyone at the school was so intrigued by what my husband had made. We had parents walking up to us asking questions on how he made it. Of course, my husband told them exactly what he did and showed them. After we let our daughter go down a few times then it was time for one of us to try it. 

"So I had my husband, Tony Frederick go down first and I tried to reel him back up but because the weight differential was different between the two of us. I started going down the hill while trying. We gave it a good laugh, and he had to walk up the hill. 

"We decided it was time for us to come home, and for him to come up with a new idea of how we could anchor ourselves to something while pulling the other person up of a heavier weight than a child."

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