► 六年前,許素華的家遭逢巨變,一夕之間家沒了。
「土地為什麼會被盜買/賣? 這個過程中公部門有沒有疏失?」


 ► 家裡開宮廟,可是素華卻讀聖經、上教會,也拿香拜祖先;面對老家強拆,她的立場和其他家族成員都不同,堅持己見的作風,讓家人們又氣又無奈。

姪子:「每件事都理念都不同, 跟他講話就快瘋掉了!所以我弟我妹跟我姑姑,都不想跟她講話。」



📍【住帳篷裡的孤勇者】|1/26 週五晚上9點 首播
📍 The Tent Warrior: I Persist Therefore I Am

In Sanchong District, Taipei, there's a woman who lives in a tent. Often mistaken as homeless, 63-year-old Su-hua is actually a civil servant with a stable job at Taiwan's National Central Library who has been fighting for justice for the last 16 years. Displaced and financially burdened after a land dispute, Su-hua became a whistle-blower to save others falling into the same trap, but her never-say-die spirit and determination to uncover the truth have come with their fair share of bumps in the road. In this episode, we meet Su-hua as she tries to keep the wheels turning, maintaining her everyday life while fighting to right wrongs. Why does Su-hua insist on living such a hard life? What cruel twist of fate turned her world upside down. How has living on the edge of society affected those around her? Let's find out!

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