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An American woman filmed her experience as she got trapped inside an elevator in Rome, Italy.

Shanny, @shesthetea on TikTok, documented the incident after getting stuck inside the lift whilst on the way back from a grocery store.

The clip which has racked up almost 600,000 views, starts with the filmer showing that none of the buttons were working.

She told Newsflare that she started to "mildly panic" as she profusely pressed the buttons.

Shanny presses the alarm button realising she can't get out of the elevator. She also jokes that in case she gets thirsty she can crack open a bottle of Prosecco she bought.

After a few moments, someone on the outside says in Italian that they are coming to help. Shanny mentions that she cannot speak Italian fluently so a man attempts to communicate in English.

A doorman arrives and sticks a sharp metal object through the doors to pry them open a few inches.

Shanny told Newsflare that the group outside were instructing her to pull open the doors but she couldn't understand them.

She eventually manages to open the doors and is welcomed by a group of seven cheerful Italians.

"I could not speak their language but they still were able to communicate altogether, a beautiful thing," Shanny said.

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