📍 The Wildlife Guardians

 Many people think being a vet is a dream job - you're surrounded by animals every day, it heals the soul, and you save precious lives, but with studies showing that 1 in 6 veterinarians have considered suicide, is a vet's life all it's cracked up to be? WildOne is a non-profit animal hospital in Eastern Taiwan specializing in rescuing wild animals. The young staff not only display medical expertise, deep empathy, and a profound connection with the animal kingdom but also share an unusual motivation that led them to dedicate their lives to wildlife rescue. In today's episode, we meet WildOne's wildlife warriors as they navigate the highs of healing and the lows of loss while striving to make a meaningful impact on the lives of their furry and feathery patients. What are the unique challenges of their calling? Why do they have to be cruel to be kind? How do they navigate the emotional rollercoaster of the daily dance between life and death? Let’s find out!

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